Levels of Engagement

Level 1


Level 2

To receive emails from Chairmeowww, submit your information here.  You will be lavished with loving, personalized emails.  It will be spam, but you won’t care.  You may reply to emails.  You may or may not get a response back.  Expect 1-2 emails a week.

Level 3

Pledge your allegiance / devotion to Chairmeowww.   Apply to become a candidate for active play.

Pre-requisites: You must be 25 years or older.  You must observe the vows of Chairmeowww (forthcoming).  You must be able to do 51 push ups and prove a weight-bearing capacity of 120 lbs.  You must be able to write a compelling Ode to Chairmeowww, and grant world-wide publishing and distribution rights, in perpetuity to to Meow Enterprises.

You must have a job that you enjoy.

You must submit 3 haikus of recommendation from family, peers, or co-workers.

Level 4

Participate in a ___ day process that is broadcast world-wide.  Web.

Level 5

We cannot disclose this information at this time.  Please visit us again.

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